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To start blogging using the statically generated blog, first customize the info and links in the src/blog-data/metadata.ts file. This info is used for creating the <meta> tags of your blog pages. To add blog posts simply add markdown files in the src/blog-data/posts directory. Check out the example blog posts to see how a blog post can be structured.

Every markdown file requires "front matter" (the section between the dashes) that is used for populating the metadata of your blog post.

An example front matter section is:

title: The title of your post
date: '2022-01-01'
tags: ['tag-1', 'tag-2', 'tag-3']
draft: false
summary: 'A summary of your post'
images: ['OG image URL']

Add this section at the very top of each markdown file (blog post).

  • Tip 1: Install a spellchecker extension in your code editor to ensure your blog posts are spelling mistake-free.
  • Tip 2: Install a markdown extension in your code editor to help with markdown formatting and troubleshooting common markdown mistakes.
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