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Configure Supabase and Stripe

Before you can run this project, you need a Supabase account ( with an active project and a Stripe account ( It's free to sign up for both platforms.

Once you have created Supabase and Stripe accounts, follow these steps to integrate your application with Supabase and Stripe:

  1. Configure Supabase
  2. Configure Stripe

Run this project locally

To run this project locally run the following commands in the root directory:

npm install
npm run dev
# or
yarn dev

Shipping to production

Optional step before deploying the project: run the npm run lint command to see possible warnings and errors in the application.

Configure production environment variables

To run the project in live mode and process payments with Stripe, modify the environment variables from Stripe "test mode" to "production mode." After switching the variables, redeploy the application to ensure the latest environment variables are used.

To verify you are running in production mode, test checking out with the Stripe test card. The test card should not work.

A complete list of required environment variables can be viewed here: environment variables

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