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Struggle for months to build your SaaS from scratch, eventually lose interest, and give up before launching 🫤

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Build and launch your SaaS in a weekend and start getting feedback immediately 🚀


These features are already built so you can start building your core SaaS features straight away. Save $10,000+ and 2 months of development time by not having to build these boilerplate features from scratch.

Build your SaaS on a solid foundation


Get registration, login, password reset, and forgot password functionality already integrated with Supabase Auth.
Saves you 3 weeks

Database integration

Easily store and access your data in a secure and scalable PostgreSQL database. This boilerplate includes a quick start SQL script to set up your database tables in less than a minute.
Saves you 2 weeks

Billing & subscriptions

Getting paid is incredibly easy with Stripe already integrated. And with Stripe webhooks all important data are synced to your database.
Saves you 3 weeks

And use all these features to make your SaaS complete

Social logins

Get out-of-the-box support for many different social login providers (Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, etc.).

Data security

Utilize PostgreSQL row-level security to ensure only authorized users can access and modify their own data.

File storage

Upload, store, and manage access to different kinds of files for each individual user with customizable security policies and permissions.

Serverless hosting

Easily host your application on serverless platforms such as Vercel, Heroku, Netlify, and Render. Deployments can be automated by simply connecting your GitHub repo to the platform and pushing code.

Transactional emails

Sending transactional emails is simple thanks to Sendgrid, Mailgun, Postmark, and Resend integrations. Easily send plain text or HTML template emails to always keep your customers informed.


Easily translate your application into multiple languages by just translating a couple of JSON files.

Markdown powered blog

Publish high quality blog posts without relying on an external blogging platform. Simply write your blog posts in markdown.

Mobile-first UI

Get out-of-the-box mobile UI optimization. Perfect to build mobile-first UI's using Tailwindcss.

Search engine optimized

The landing page and blog posts (and other static pages) are search engine optimized thanks to Next.js static page generation.

Email support with an extensive knowledge base

Do you have trouble setting up your SaaS or just want an opinion on an implementation? Check out this extensive knowledge base or reach out via email for quick support.

Dark mode

The most important feature of every software-as-a-service product ;)

Unit and integration tests

Always be sure that you ship high quality, bug-free code by running optional unit and integration tests before each deployment. Coming soon to Ship SaaS.

Ready to build your SaaS on a solid foundation?

View the demo

Check out a live demo of the application you get when you purchase Ship SaaS.

Simple pricing

Save $10,000+ and 2 months of development time by using this SaaS boilerplate.

Lifetime membership - Next.js + Supabase + Tailwindcss

What's included

  • All features mentioned above including authentication, database integration, billing and subscription management
  • Instant access to the GitHub repository. Get set up in less than 10 minutes
  • A fully customizable codebase. Add your own features and customize the design to your liking
  • Detailed documentation including guides about setting up all parts of your SaaS and a detailed video walk-through
  • Modern serverless tech stack to ensure your application can be hosted on a scalable and cost-efficient platform
  • Email support with an average response time of 1 hour

Pay once, own it forever


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Trusted by 40+ indie hackers, developers and entrepreneurs

Why use Ship SaaS?

As a tech founder and engineer, I've seen many companies waste huge amounts of time and money to design and build their MVP. By having to write lots of boilerplate code to build basic features like login, billing, and database integrations, the most time is spent before a single feature is built.

I created this SaaS boilerplate to save you the time and money needed to start from scratch. With this boilerplate project, the most important parts of your application are already done for a fraction of the cost. You can just start building your dream SaaS right away.

Don't spend months and thousands of dollars building a product from scratch. Join 40+ entrepreneurs and indie hackers already using this boilerplate to supercharge their SaaS development.

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Nico Botha

Creator of Ship SaaS

How it works

Check out this step-by-step walk-through to see how to get started with Ship SaaS. Set up your Supabase backend, Stripe payments, and automated deployments and start building your SaaS in a few minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

Your ideal serverless tech stack

Choose from a combination of Next.js, Supabase, and Tailwindcss or Chakra UI. All variations have a Stripe integration for handling billing and payments and are built in Typescript.

Next.js logoNext.js

Full-stack React framework used to build fast and scalable applications

Supabase logoSupabase

Backend-as-a-service used for authentication, data storage, file storage, and serverless functions

Tailwindcss logoTailwindcss

Utility-first CSS framework used for styling

Stripe logo

Payment processing service used for billing and subscription management

Typescript logoTypeScript

A strongly typed programming language that builds on JavaScript

Various email providers

Choose from Sendgrid, Mailgun, Postmark, or Resend to send transactional emails

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Save $10,000+ and 2 months of development time.

Start building your SaaS with Supabase and Stripe today.

"By the way, your product is awesome - I have little to no coding experience and even I was able to go through and set up an initial site and deploy it in Vercel. Great product!"