Ship your SaaS in no time with a Next.js, Supabase, and Stripe SaaS boilerplate

This boilerplate has all the building blocks to build a complete SaaS product. Don't spend months writing boilerplate code. Get started today with this premium Next.js, Supabase, and Stripe SaaS boilerplate.

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Powerful features to build with Next.js, Supabase, and Stripe

You get all the features necessary for a complete SaaS

Users & Authentication

Registration, login, password reset, and forgot password functionality are already integrated with Supabase Auth.

Social logins

Support for many different social logins (Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, etc.) comes standard.

Database integration

Easily store and access data in a PostgreSQL database.

Billing & subscriptions

Getting paid has never been easier with easy Stripe integration. Webhook integration will sync all important data to your database.

Markdown powered blog

Publish high quality blog posts without reliance on an external blogging platform. Write your blog posts in markdown and publish it hassle-free.

Search engine optimized

The landing page and blog posts (and other static pages) are search engine optimized thanks to static page generation with Next.js.

File storage

Upload, store, and manage access to files for each individual user with customizable security policies and permissions.

Data security

Utilize PostgreSQL row-level security to ensure only authorized users can access and modify their own data.

Serverless hosting

Easily host your application on serverless platforms such as Vercel, Heroku, Netlify, and Render.

Mobile-first UI

Out of the box mobile UI optimization. Perfect to build mobile-first UI's using Tailwindcss classes.

Dark mode

The most important feature of every software-as-a-service product ;)

Your ideal tech stack

Choose from a combination of Next.js, Supabase, and Tailwindcss or Chakra UI (coming soon). All variations have a Stripe integration for handling billing and payments and are built in Typescript.

Next.js logo

Fullstack React framework

Supabase logoSupabase

Backend-as-a-service used for authentication, data storage, file storage, and serverless functions

Tailwindcss logoTailwindcss

Utility-first CSS framework used for styling

Chakra UI logo

Chakra UI (coming soon)Subscribe to get notified

Stripe logo

Payment processing service used for billing and subscription management

Typescript logoTypeScript

A strongly typed programming language that builds on JavaScript

Simple pricing

Save $10 000+ and 2 months of development time by using this SaaS boilerplate.

Get started immediately

Build your SaaS for a fraction of the cost.

What's included

  • All features mentioned above

  • Free updates for 1 year (then $100/year for continuous updates)

  • Modern serverless tech stack

  • Email support

Pay once, own it forever


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Frequently asked questions

How do I access the project files?
After payment you will be automatically added to a private GitHub repository containing all the project files.
How often is this project updated and maintained?
This project is continuously maintained and updates are published on a bi-weekly basis. With direct access to the GitHub repository you will be able to access updates as soon as it is pushed.
How does the pricing work?
The price of this SaaS boilerplate is $249 $349 for the first year. During the first year you will receive continuous bi-weekly updates for free. For all subsequent years, it is $100 per year for continuous updates.
What tech stack is used for this project?
The tech stack used for this boilerplate is Next.js, Supabase, Tailwindcss, Stripe, and TypeScript. A variation with Chakra UI will also be available soon. Some small external NPM packages are used for data fetching and SEO.
When will the SaaS boilerplate with Chakra UI be launched?
The exact date for the Chakra UI launch is not available, but it is planned within the next 2 - 3 weeks. Subscribe here to get notified.
How can I report a bug?
You can report a bug by reaching out here. Bugs are typically fixed within 48 hours.
Can I customize this project?
Yes. When you buy this boilerplate project, you get a fully customizable codebase so you can immediately start building your SaaS product.
Can I view a demo of the project?
Yes. You can view the official demo here. Note - since it is a demo application, the Stripe payments are not configured.
What if I require a custom feature?
It is possible to request custom features for an additional fee. Please reach out using the contact form.
Do you have another question?
Feel free to reach out here.

Save time and money!Start building with Next.js, Supabase, and Stripe today.